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Eurobonds for efficiency and solidarity

Without a new European patriotism, the decline of the EU is inevitable. After the failure of the European Council, a dynamic compromise between Germany/The Netherlands and the 8 states advocating "coronabonds" is urgently needed 03.04.2020 On 26 March, an utterly divided EU emerged from the European Council dedicated to European measures aimed at managing the severest crisis since 1929, one far worse than the 2012-2017 crisis. The coronavirus pandemic and the transpiring economic and social crises present Europe with an extraordinary opportunity: to decide to move towards a deeper unity, or to decline irrevocably. The prevailing road will naturally depend on the decisions of the governments in the European Council and other EU institutions; but also, and above all, on the mobilization of citizens and the public opinion in each of the Member States. Can we still expect concrete and visible measures managing the ongoing tragic health crisis, as well as the imminent